What is Relationship X-Ray Vision?

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EXamine how you’re wired as a person. Why? You’ll find that once you learn about your own temperament, it’s much easier to understand the personalities of others. Learn the identity of people by observing unique things about them like their clothes, shoes, and accessories, as well as the tone, volume, and fluctuations in their speech. Watch how they write, see what pictures they post on social media, and pay attention to their environment and what’s in the background of their office, desk, car, and home. Observe how the people you know spend money, solve problems, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. By observing these things, you’ll learn a lot more about personalities and temperaments than you ever knew before. This will not only open up exciting new opportunities for you in your life, but it will remove the stress and frustration that unequally matched relationships can often cause.

Recognize traits that make up someone’s identity and decide whether their attributes add up to being an ideal match and effective partner for you.

Avoid moving too fast or making impulse decisions based on first appearances, perceived accomplishments, or social and financial status.

Yoke equally together for a successful relationship match. A yoke is a wooden bar that joins two people who pull the same weight. If the yoke is unequal, one person will end up pulling more than their share, and the other will have a lesser burden. Teamwork makes for a much more successful partnership!

Verify your observations to make sure your assessment of a person’s identity is correct. You can do this by gathering more information and talking to others who know that person. There are times when you may have received bad information, or your assessment was off, so it’s important to double-check.

Inquire about issues and beliefs that are important to you. Listen and pay attention to the other person’s response. Can you find common ground? Do you agree on values? This will help you find out how strong the potential partnership can be.

Summarize the positives in the relationship, the areas that differ, and what is needed for growth if you decide the relationship and partnership is worth pursuing. Whether romantic, personal and family or business—this applies to all relationships and is important to reflect on.

Invest in your own self-development. Learn how to communicate effectively and respectfully. When you understand how people are wired, and you know their motivations and values, you’ll have stronger and more successful relationships.

Operate with information, fun, and a naturally flowing plan that creates an environment for peace, joy, and growth in your life.

Never forget that you always have a say in the direction and success of any relationship partnership you enter into.

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