Meet Kevin Bozeman

Founder and CEO

Hi, I’m Kevin Bozeman, a high performance coach and personality temperament expert. I founded Relationship Avenues, a life-changing program that helps people find their unique gifts and talents, as well as build stronger and more fulfilling relationships—whether at work, at home, or in their dating lives. I understand what it’s like to always want to win in life. As a high schooler, I received top honors and was involved in two high school football state championships. I went on to MSU on a Big Ten scholarship and had the chance to participate in three college bowl games, including the MSU Rose Bowl Victory over USC. In those early years, I watched the way my team worked together, often through many challenges and trials, yet still achieved a common victory. I wanted to duplicate that in my career.
Kevin Bozeman, CEO, Relationship Avenues

I believe my whole life has been leading up to doing what I do today. In my previous jobs, I loved seeing the difference I could make. After becoming licensed in True Colors International, and applying my additional training to my job, I noticed a pattern:

  • Each insurance company I trained saw an increase in sales the next quarter immediately after my workshop
  • I landed the first major sales contract worth over $500,000 for a software company. Prior to that, they had not sold anything before my arrival.
  • After I restructured an enrollment process for a career institute, every seat was filled to standing room only.

I realized that people everywhere, in all walks of life, need this valuable training in relationships and communication. When they’re exposed to it, and taught how to apply it—they thrive.

That’s when I took my 21 years working in the behavioral health field and started Relationship Avenues. Over the past nine years, I’ve been coaching business owners, individuals, and groups to get that special x-ray vision for stronger relationships and communication.

You can feel confident knowing I use my background and accomplishments like these to help you, your company, and your teams achieve better and stronger relationships:

  • Michigan State College football player—coached by George Perles, recipient of 4 Super Bowl rings, and legendary National Championship coach Nick Saban
  • Received a degree in University Management and Organizational Development from Spring Arbor University
  • Licensed with True Colors International, a corporate and individual personality temperament training program that emphasizes cultural transformation and team development in schools, the military, healthcare, and government
  • Extensive additional training and certifications involving personality and temperament, including communication dynamics, navigating conflict, and consultative selling
  • First black head football coach at Olivet College
  • Proven results in staff retention, non-violent crisis intervention, management, and profit increase through better communication in business, personal, and dating relationships

So many people don’t know where to turn when they hit roadblocks in their relationships, and they don’t have the right tools to improve their situation.

When you hire me and my team to help you or your company, you can count on a true professional who will help you achieve greater success, increased productivity, and overall peace and happiness in every aspect of your life.

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